Power to the Pyrotechnics: How Do Fireworks Work?

If you’ve ever watched a fireworks display, I’m sure you’ve noticed that pyrotechnics are powerful.  It isn’t easy to produce that much sound, colorful light, and heat, and science explains how it’s done.

petoskey fireworks

The Science of Recycling 2

From the bin to the processing plant, recycling is no simple process. CEM does the dirty work for you and goes in-depth to find out how they do it!



nLab: Mobilizing Ideas

Some CU Students are making a splash in the entrepreneurial world and taking their ideas to market. Learn more about the nLab team in the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship.

The Fountain of Wealth

Find out what happens when micro-financing and one man’s contribution change the lifestyles of a population.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus


Featured Faculty: Anne and Mike Eisenberg

If anyone has ever walked into the Discovery Learning Center, possibly one of the first things they notice is a large set of windows that seem to allow you a glimpse into Santa’s toy factory. It is probably difficult to resist going up to the window and looking at Da Vinci’s paddle boat, or the […]

Op-Ed: Censorship in the Digital Age

We have all probably heard the story about the infamous anti-Islam video floating around the web, more specifically on YouTube. It has been said that the result of this video are the recent attacks on American embassies in the Middle East while others believe these attacks are the result of planned terrorism. Whichever way, the […]



The Science of Friendship 1

Jason Boardman (associate professor of sociology and faculty research associate with the Population Program in CU-Boulder’s Institute of Behavioral Science) has worked with a team of researchers to explain the social and scientific factors that contribute to making human friendships.