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Op-Ed: Censorship in the Digital Age

We have all probably heard the story about the infamous anti-Islam video floating around the web, more specifically on YouTube. It has been said that the result of this video are the recent attacks on American embassies in the Middle East while others believe these attacks are the result of planned terrorism. Whichever way, the […]


Engineering a Creative World

Art and media—few associate these subjects with engineering. Bradley Henke is a senior studying computer science in CU’s College of Engineering. Prior to studying engineering, Henke set his sights on attending art school. “I wanted to study animation and special effects,” Henke said.

Business and Engineering: Integrating the Two Worlds

An engineer creates a new photovoltaic cell that is 90 percent efficient. An entrepreneur hears about the breakthrough and partners with the engineer to sell the product and make money. Both individuals get a share of the profit, yet unfortunately at times the engineers who invent the product get a lower percentage of the split.

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