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Op-Ed: Censorship in the Digital Age

We have all probably heard the story about the infamous anti-Islam video floating around the web, more specifically on YouTube. It has been said that the result of this video are the recent attacks on American embassies in the Middle East while others believe these attacks are the result of planned terrorism. Whichever way, the […]


RTD Bus Route

Op-Ed: Schools of ‘Arts and Crafts’

What it takes to reach central campus from the Engineering Center can sometimes feel equivalent to that of a marathon. Every other day I make the journey east, reaching my class late, completely out of breath, because someone thought that ten minutes was enough time to walk more than a half mile uphill; if it […]

Online background checks

As the gun debate heats up both on campus and around the nation, another variable enters the mix: the validity of online background checks. Ultimately, people in the area need to be able to decide whether they want [the Concealed Carry Act], but background checks are universal said spokesperson Colin Goddard during interview a few […]



Excellence in Science at CU-Boulder

Within the last month alone, three CU professors and researchers have been recognized and awarded with honors for their work in their respective fields. Deborah Jin, adjunct professor in physics and NIST researcher, was awarded the L’Oréal- UNESCO For Women in Science Award. Milos Popobiv, assistant professor in electrical and computer engineering, received the prestigious […]