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Online background checks

As the gun debate heats up both on campus and around the nation, another variable enters the mix: the validity of online background checks. Ultimately, people in the area need to be able to decide whether they want [the Concealed Carry Act], but background checks are universal said spokesperson Colin Goddard during interview a few […]



Tech Startups in Boulder: SparkFun Electronics

If you’re an electronics enthusiast you need to discover SparkFun Electronics. Then again, if you’re an electronics enthusiast you probably already have. For those of you who are unfamiliar, SparkFun Electronics is a web-based company that sells any electrical part you could possibly need to make pretty much anything.  They have everything from kits to […]


We Are Anonymous: Noble Freedom Fighters or Cyber Terrorists? 1

“We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us,”chant suited individuals wearing Guy Fawkes masks as they march through New York City with supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement. But these masked individuals are more than disgruntled Americans protesting financial distress—these protestors are members of a enigmatic, […]

Engineering a Creative World

Art and media—few associate these subjects with engineering. Bradley Henke is a senior studying computer science in CU’s College of Engineering. Prior to studying engineering, Henke set his sights on attending art school. “I wanted to study animation and special effects,” Henke said.

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Business and Engineering: Integrating the Two Worlds

An engineer creates a new photovoltaic cell that is 90 percent efficient. An entrepreneur hears about the breakthrough and partners with the engineer to sell the product and make money. Both individuals get a share of the profit, yet unfortunately at times the engineers who invent the product get a lower percentage of the split.