Excellence in Science at CU-Boulder

Within the last month alone, three CU professors and researchers have been
recognized and awarded with honors for their work in their respective fields. Deborah
Jin, adjunct professor in physics and NIST researcher, was awarded the L’Oréal-
UNESCO For Women in Science Award. Milos Popobiv, assistant professor in electrical
and computer engineering, received the prestigious Packard Fellowship. David
Wineland, lecturer in physics and NIST physicist, won the 2012 Nobel Prize in physics.

Jin was chosen for the award particularly for being the first to cool down molecules to
observe chemical reactions in slow motion. The award was established in 1998
between L’Oréal and UNESCO in order to recognize and support women in various
fields of science.

Popovic received the fellowship totally $875,000 over a five year period to research
light-based devices for microchip technology, where photons would be compressed on a
nanoscale on silicon wires embedded on microchips. The research would one day lead
to further development in computation and communication.

Wineland won the Nobel Prize for his groundbreaking work in the development of
utilizing lasers to cool ions and subatomic particles to near absolute zero. The technique
has pioneered further experiments to test quantum physic theories, and may aid in the
eventual creation of quantum computers.

Across all disciplines, the faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder not only excel,
but lead. It’s great to be a CU Buff.

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