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Much like the 60′s with the technological progress from radio to television, the 2012 elections serve as a critical waypoint in how candidates interface individuals on both a physical and digital level.

Look at the how Obama and Romney campaigns have utilized emerging media in the election. More critically, look at how the digital mediums are oriented increasingly toward interconnected individuals. It’s a rare sight to see an email from one of the candidate’s campaign without seeing, “Hey, Tu, will you help me..?” I’m not going to be naive and say that I honestly believe that Obama or Romney are actually talking to me.

I’m not alone in this sentiment. Being present on a college campus during election season re-invigorates even more so. I feel that this election is really utilizing social media, far more than 4 years ago, journalism student Danielle Mason said, The Obama campaign is relying more heavily on twitter and YouTube, but even the Romney campaign has a lot of material.

So what if social media is being used more in campaigns? Arguably it’s not the most important aspect of the campaigns. But arguably it’s persuasive and personal – the rhetoric has simply adjusted to the digital frontier.

“I doubt the presidency could be decided through social media alone, but it could be highly influential,” Mason continued.. I coudn’t agree more.

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    Interesting aspect about social media, however being bombarded by political statements by friends and family on social networks, I have decided to stay off until the election is done.

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