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Dear Engineer,

I have a limited amount of space on my iPad and iPod for all my music, my videos, and my photos. Is there a way to increase the storage on my already large-capacity iPod touch like increasing the gigabytes on a computer? The specs are 16 gigabytes for each of the devices.




Dear Consumer-Confined-by-Capacity,

The short answer: there is no possible way—as far as I know—to increase the capacity of a mobile device such as the iPad® and the iPod®. Companies like Apple have the interior hardware of their mobile products all locked up to a point where they don’t allow consumers to invent ways to cheat their system of pricing-per-gigabyte.

The long answer: yes, there is a way to take 500 GB worth of media with you on the go! The sorcerers at Seagate Technology LLC have conjured up a wireless hard drive, knighting it with the name Seagate Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage™ – Seagate Satellite™  for short.

How it works: The drive creates its own local hotspot that you can log onto, via a Web browser, to view the music, photos, video, and documents you’ve stored on the drive.

The upside: It’s 500 gigabytes.

The downside: it holds up to seven hours of battery each charge – and when they say “seven” they really mean five; not to mention it’s priced at $199.99.

The bigger picture: At 4.72 x 3.46 x 1.26 inches, it definitely seems like a great solution to a limited storage space on mobile devices, but only if you are okay with carrying around an extra half a pound.

Didn’t we try to solve carrying multiple devices by combining them into one, calling it a smartphone…?

Go explore!


The Engineer



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