nLab: Mobilizing Ideas

Some CU Students are making a splash in the entrepreneurial world and taking their ideas to market. Learn more about the nLab team in the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship.

The spirit of entrepreneurship is strong at CU-Boulder and many groups have been sprouting up around campus turning student ideas into action.

The Deming Center for Entrepreneurship, located in the Leeds School of Business, is just one of the groups focusing on students projects as part of a cross-campus curriculum to boost entrepreneurship.

The result is nLab, a mentorship-focused business incubator program for CU students.

Alison Peters, Managing Director for the Deming Center, said the focus on self-starters offers the center the opportunity to identify great ideas at their conception.

“All students across campus have ideas that can be taken to the next level,” said Peters.

The program encourages students from all around campus to mobilize their ideas into real-world solutions.

“We want to reach students who are sitting around on campus with great ideas who maybe never thought that their idea could become a business or a project,” said Peters.

While the program is targeted at student entrepreneurs, everyone is encouraged to get involved. Any idea has the potential to turn into a business, a project within a larger organization or in a solution within the non-profit sector.

As a part of program involvement, nLab offers connections to over 25 mentors from multiple industries. The mentors are primarily seasoned Boulder professionals, but a few MBA students participate.

nLab encourages all self-motivated students to apply and sees great value in having a diverse crop of students.

“Study after study shows that the more diverse the team, the more successful the program will be,” said Peters.

The Projects

Even though the program is only entering its fourth month of existence, the program has overseen 12 separate projects ranging from a team working on a new direction for a non-profit to students working on mobile apps.

“We have resources for students who are just at the beginning of idea generation,” said Peters, “and they may or may not take them through.”

One project, Agora offers an online collaborative workspace for students in math and science plans to launch in the Spring semester.

Fragment Computers, provides high performance Windows desktops and laptops. The leader of the project built a number of computers as a hobby and learned a lot about computer hardware and the PC market in the process.

Helicam, a fully autonomous, smartphone-controlled quad-rotor camera system, allows active personal filmmakers to generate aerial shots cheaply.

Black Swift Technologies produces small unmanned aircraft systems and designs autopilot and user-interface systems for small portable aircraft.

If you’re interested in getting involved, nLab meets every Friday afternoon from 11 to 1 pm in the UMC.

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