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The Colorado Engineer is always looking for new organizations to advertise with us in print and online. As a premiere engineering publication, our magazine offers you and your organization an unprecedented opportunity to reach the future, present, and legacy of the engineering community. We have the following documents available to help you get acquainted with our organization and how we do business: the “advertising brief” is a 1-page document detailing important advertising facts such as our demographics and prices; the “advertising sizes” document graphically illustrates what sizes of advertisements we can place in our print publication; and finally the “insertion order” is a form to fill out in order to request advertising space with us! If you have any questions about these documents, feel free to contact us directly from our contact page.

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Student Employment

The Colorado Engineer staff is comprised completely of volunteer students from the University of Colorado at Boulder. If you are a CU student and you are interested in writing, photographing, editing, etc. for the magazine, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out the student employment interest form, and our staff recruiter will be in contact with you shortly.