Social Media and the Election 1

Much like the 60′s with the technological progress from radio to television, the 2012 elections serve as a critical waypoint in how candidates interface individuals on both a physical and digital level.


Op-Ed: Schools of ‘Arts and Crafts’

What it takes to reach central campus from the Engineering Center can sometimes feel equivalent to that of a marathon. Every other day I make the journey east, reaching my class late, completely out of breath, because someone thought that ten minutes was enough time to walk more than a half mile uphill; if it […]

RTD Bus Route


Featured Faculty: Joseph Tanner

As a senior instructor in the Aerospace Department at CU-Boulder, Joseph Tanner was hired to formalize a course instructing seniors and graduate students with long-term projects. Even without a PhD or masters degree, Tanner’s impressive career as a NASA astronaut helps him guide students to find their passion in the Aerospace industry.

The body as an incubator: growing replacement organs

Tissue engineering, aka regenerative medicine(noun): medicine described as the creation of tissues that provide, repair, replace or restore structures and functions absent or lost due to congenital defects, aging, disease, or damage. 



Online background checks

As the gun debate heats up both on campus and around the nation, another variable enters the mix: the validity of online background checks. Ultimately, people in the area need to be able to decide whether they want [the Concealed Carry Act], but background checks are universal said spokesperson Colin Goddard during interview a few […]

Excellence in Science at CU-Boulder

Within the last month alone, three CU professors and researchers have been recognized and awarded with honors for their work in their respective fields. Deborah Jin, adjunct professor in physics and NIST researcher, was awarded the L’Oréal- UNESCO For Women in Science Award. Milos Popobiv, assistant professor in electrical and computer engineering, received the prestigious […]



Biological drawings through the ages

The College of Arts and Sciences houses one of the most diverse set of majors and interests to be found anywhere. It combines artistry, scientific exploration, philosophy and culture. As students, we often forget that these are all placed under the same roof for a reason- because at their root, they use similar skills of […]

Tech Startups in Boulder: SparkFun Electronics

If you’re an electronics enthusiast you need to discover SparkFun Electronics. Then again, if you’re an electronics enthusiast you probably already have. For those of you who are unfamiliar, SparkFun Electronics is a web-based company that sells any electrical part you could possibly need to make pretty much anything.  They have everything from kits to […]



CU “LEEDing” the Way

The campus adds another building to its sizable LEED Certification portfolio. Williams Village North falls in the LEED Platinum category, the highest rating of LEED certification. The building welcomed its first residents this August after construction was completed the year before. The building now houses two residential academic programs and over five hundred students.