Finding Music in Math: Why These Two Disciplines Are So Harmonious

A double major in engineering and music involves 187 credit hours. Students like Erik Bergal, a junior pursuing a BS in civil engineering and a BA in music, experience four intense years of at least 18 credits per semester plus multiple summer courses. For being such a rigorous program, it is a widely popular field […]

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The Solid State Depot: Boulder’s Newest Tech Hot-Spot

They’re called hackerspaces—community tech workshops targeted towards closeted innovators and do-it-yourselfers—a clubhouse for grown-ups. From Vienna’s cocktail mixing robot to San Francisco’s space balloon, projects taken on by these clubs are acts of creativity and invention.

A Workstation Romance: The HP Z400

The entry-level HP Z400 missed out on some of the new industrial design features of the Z600 or Z800, but it shared much of the same components. Read on for our benchmarks and impressions. 


Synaptic Suicide: A Closer at Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological condition characterized by frequent, severe, unpredictable, and unprovoked seizures. Approximately 3 million Americans and 50 million people worldwide are affected by epilepsy. Seizures occur when the brain’s normal activity is disturbed leading to loss of control generating in the cortical sites.

We Are Anonymous: Noble Freedom Fighters or Cyber Terrorists? 1

“We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us,”chant suited individuals wearing Guy Fawkes masks as they march through New York City with supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement. But these masked individuals are more than disgruntled Americans protesting financial distress—these protestors are members of a enigmatic, […]


Engineering a Creative World

Art and media—few associate these subjects with engineering. Bradley Henke is a senior studying computer science in CU’s College of Engineering. Prior to studying engineering, Henke set his sights on attending art school. “I wanted to study animation and special effects,” Henke said.

Business and Engineering: Integrating the Two Worlds

An engineer creates a new photovoltaic cell that is 90 percent efficient. An entrepreneur hears about the breakthrough and partners with the engineer to sell the product and make money. Both individuals get a share of the profit, yet unfortunately at times the engineers who invent the product get a lower percentage of the split.

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David Clough: More Than Just a Professor

David E. Clough is known to students, among other things, as the Faculty Athletics Representative—the professor who speaks liberally to his classes about CU sports. To me, he was the one who taught the first class of the day my first semester in college.

Room at the Bottom

In 1944, computers were the size of rooms. The first portable cell phone was over a foot long. Now, laptop computers are small enough to carry in backpacks and cell phones are mere inches long. However, the shrinking of technology doesn’t end there. If we can halve the size of cell phones once, why can’t […]



Researchers at NIST Develop Novel Atomic Clock

In 3.7 billion years, not one second will have been lost on a novel quantum logic clock created in 2010. Researchers at the Boulder location of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, created a new atomic clock based on an aluminum atom.